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Wired Wessex’s new blog spot – up and running and looking for business – as are you!

As the news of the week is the Conservative Party Conference, lets kick off with some of that and how it’s going to affect SME’s.

  • Firstly, we’re all curious what the IMF’s suggestion that it might climb down over inflation rates will mean in due course. It is concerned that the current governments ‘austerity programme’ will cause growth in the economy to falter even more, having already dipped to below the levels anticipated for this year. But will abandoning strict inflation rate controls let everyone breath out, or will it cause a further sharp intake of breath later on when we find that letting slip means also letting hopes for a return to profitability slip too. Life ain’t meant to be easy – is it?
  • Secondly will David Cameron come up with a successful much-mooted plan B, despite his determination that only Plan AA+ (- what might that be, we wonder?) would be the order of the day – i.e what they’re doing now, but MORE. Does plan AA+ include real tax cuts and a plan to boost and support our infrastructure to get people and business back to work, or is it all lip service for the media and votes – like the supposed REAL work underway on the A11- http://www.channel4.com/news/catch-up/ (in case you missed it…)
  • Finally, in the meantime as the Conservative Party considers its way ahead, with Boris Johnson amusingly referring to himself as a mop, following some of David Cameron’s previous comments on his so stylish windswept hairstyle (haven’t you noticed it’s all the rage amongst the young now?), David Cameron to a broom, George Osborne to a dustpan, Michael Gove is the J-cloth, and William Hague the sponge, what is the way ahead for an SME these days facing doing the housework without a maid to sweep it all under the carpet as the government has?

The Wired Wessex programme for the year ahead is just starting to hit the hoover and we hope to provide you with a series of evening events and daytime workshops which will address some of the trickier ways to clean up using social media, online marketing, and self-promotion that won’t take years to master, or a budget deficit to achieve. Starting with a bit of blogging for business!

Jane Buswell ran an excellent workshop for us in July because we know that blogging has turned into a global revolution with an increasing number of companies tapping into the power of raw, honest, low cost communication with clients and potential clients.

Not only are blogs the “digital hub” of other social networking activities, they’re also increasingly important in terms of your search engine optimisation and in some cases are replacing more expensive keyword campaigns. The Wired Wessex blogspot is your place to take a star turn and tell the world about your expertise, your business and give some much needed information and tips to your fellow SME’s who knows little about what you are an expert in. We hope to move onto some webinars in the new year but in the meantime:

…Calling all would-be bloggers…

Would you like to feature here next (especially some of those initiates from Janes workshop)?

Please simply email info@wiredwessex to let us know of your interest, and away we go!


Website: http://www.wiredwessex.co.uk

Twitter: @wiredwessex

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WiredWessex (-its a new page so please like it for us and get the conversation going)

Email: info@wiredwessex.co.uk

Regards, and looking forward to meeting many of you at our next evening event which is on Thursday 25th October when Bill Reed of the St Cross Group will be talking us through some Olympic lessons in gold medal style:


Debbie Martin

Events Manager and Administrator, Wired Wessex

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2 Responses to Wired Wessex’s…

  1. Paul French says:

    I have booked in for the event on 25th and look forward to the future events and projects initiated by the team at Wired Wessex

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