Lighting firecrackers

After Bill Reeds inspiring and informative talk on the business lessons we can learn from the Olympics, I thought I would add my perception of what we gained from the Olympic experience, and invite any of you would-be bloggers to add your comments too. Bills excellent presentation is available to access in the member’s area on the Wired Wessex website so do yourself a favour if you missed it in real time, and catch up with it online, but let’s talk some more firecrackers now…

When F1/F3000 racing driver, Alessandro Zanardi lost both legs in a freak 200mph accident in 2001, he would have hardly thought he would return to Brands Hatch one day to win two gold medals in the hand-cycling events. One of the less-sung of the paraylmpic heroes,  nevertheless, I particularly noticed what he had to say because it should apply to anyone who heard it, and in whatever capacity they were listening. He said (paraphrased) that if you believe in yourself enough, eventually you would achieve your dream. Very idealistic and a laudable sentiment – but how does that apply in a blog about business?

Ironically, whilst it often boils down to cold hard cash and creating profits, business is also about creating and sustaining dreams, whether it is for the business owner themselves, or their customers. The bridal shop owner provides the dream dress for the fairy tale wedding, the web designer creates the site that enables a small business to reach out to the world and go global, and the accountant…. Well maybe accountancy packages and tax advice don’t set the world ablaze with idealistic aspiration, but they are necessary to keep your business world in order and the wolf (aka the Taxman) from the door, so they too are in the business of sustaining dreams.

In the current tough economic climate though, what is it that ultimately enables you to achieve YOUR dream – whether that is economic success, personal achievement or simply staying afloat? Persistence, ‘edge’, imagination, giving the perception that YOU are the leader in the market where your particular skill is concerned … there are lots of ways of describing it, but it all boils down essentially to you being a star in the spotlight of your type of work – a celebrity in what you do.

Celebrity? Have you gone mad? This is the world of business; we’re not running out the red carpet or handing out the Grammies here. We’re working away at the coal face and creating profit from hard work and enterprise.

Exactly, and all the time you do that you are creating a little more of your star turn  – or as Lucy Whittington would call it – your ‘Thing’; the ‘thing’ that turns you from a worker to a star, who someone else comes to for their dream to be created …

At Wired Wessex, we aim to be instrumental in helping local business achieve stardom, create their dream and throwing some firecrackers along the way. One of our first is Lucy Whittington who is speaking for us Thursday 22nd November:

and following that is the first chance to star on the red carpet in our film spot at the Christmas networking event on Wednesday 5th December, but more on that later.

If you have a firecracker to throw, a star-turn to share, or merely some good advice to give, do guest on our blog and keep the fireworks going.

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