Memories …

Memories …

Remember that Barbara Streisand song from ‘The Way We Were’? Just in case you’ve forgotten, here’s the link to it on Youtube:

Enjoyed  the nostalgia? We all do, the way we keep those special memories close are by
the mementoes we have of them. Music, souvenirs – and more often photo’s.

Sometimes the memories we seek to preserve are easily lost or damaged. Sometimes there’s a risk they never get preserved at all. Sometimes we’re too busy to make the record of the memories and then look back with regret – ‘I wish I had of a photo of that…’

With the digital age and such clever little cameras even built into our phones, we are all suddenly snap-happy and DIY photos and video regularly find their way on to Facebook for us to share. Yet, even though this way I recently enjoyed ‘being there’ at my daughters ‘matriculation’ at Oxford University, and seeing her and her friends capped and gowned for their first formal event as Oxford students, I have to say the images were a conglomeration of blurred, sideways, feet and tops of heads cut off and – what exactly was that last one…? My memory of my graduation from university is a beautifully lit and positioned portrait, of me – my goodness, looking so young! Which is best? Both, I guess, but how nice to have the choice.

It takes a special kind of person to capture the essence of all those moments and keep them safe for you, and that is what Anne Forrest does – so she’s a special kind of lady with a special kind of business too.

Then                                                                                               Now

Bring back those oldest of memories and treasure them for your children too:

Watch and enjoy some of the moving memories – several examples of which are on the Memories UK website, and make a record of your own. There may be many reasons why you want to:

Family History
Publishing Insertions
Reminiscence Therapy
Remembrance/Celebrations of Life

Or maybe just for Christmas …

Contact Memories UK via the website:

or Tel: 01962 855575

We hope you’ve enjoyed the feature on one of our Fab Four October winners, and if you’d like to be featured, come along to our next event on Thursday 22nd November when Lucy Whittington will be telling you how to be a Business Celebrity

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Debbie Martin

Events manager

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