Lucy Whittington’s 6 ways to get more famous in 60 minutes

Thought I’d offer you something practical you can do today (as long as you have an hour to spare). There are lots of things you can do in an hour to get you more famous (for doing your Thing) so why not see what you can get done in an hour for you and your business.

Now before I share, remember to ONLY do what is your media ‘Thing’. By this I mean please only ‘do’ what is an extension of how you already like to communicate and turn this into your media (I know I go on about this when I work with someone so am not making an exception here!). If you’re not a writer please don’t write – share what you do in a way that’s your Thing – speak, shoot video, take photos, share on social media – for example. Always go with what’s easy and ‘right’ for you and adapt as you need to. You don’t ever want to be ‘forcing out’ your marketing (there’s a face that goes with that but I’ll leave you to imagine it if you’ve never seen me pull it!).

6 Things to do to get more famous in 60 minutes:

  1. 1.     Start a blog (or write a blog post or 3)

A blog on WordPress is searched all the time by Google so anything you post here and tag for the search engine is going to show up really quickly online. You can also point people you know already and ask them to share with people they know your latest thoughts and articles you post online on your blog. Having a place to share your know-how and opinions means you can get noticed – fast. You can also guest blog for other people. If you have something to add to a blog that already has lots of subscribers then ask to contribute. There are a lot of bloggers who would love to have someone else help them out with some great content for their readers. And this also means if you don’t have a blog yet you can get this done in 60 minutes 🙂

  1. 2.     Speak for an hour – run a teleseminar or a webinar or get on a stage

In a hour you can really allow people to get to know you. You can share your story – your PSP (Personality Selling Point) and you can also walk people through your way of doing things – your signature system.

If you’re running your own teleseminar or webinar then an hour is a good length of time. In an hour you can cover some really great content, and set the context of who you are and how you work. From here you can also invite people who like the way you do things to take the next step which might be to chat to you, join a program you are running or invest with you by buying a product you offer. in 60 minutes you can take the stage and get more famous for your Thing (and sell).

  1. 3.     Get on the phone and make some calls

Sounds simple because it is. I am sure if you looked through your email inbox or your Facebook friends or the business cards you’ve picked up recently or your client list you will find some people you could pick up the phone and call. And you don’t have to have a reason that’s anything more than a hey we’ve not spoken before/for a while and I just wanted to find out what’s happening in your business right now and if there is a way I can support you.

There may well be a way you can promote or support the person you call or it might be you can help them with your ‘Thing’. It doesn’t really matter – what matters is you make the call. And you also ask if they know anyone who is saying ‘xyz’ (which will be something that you know your ideal clients say to themselves) and you ask if you could be introduced. Something along the lines of “hey I am looking for xyz who are experiencing abc right now as I have something brand new that can help them, do you know of anyone like that?” Be specific, pick up the phone and ask for referrals.

  1. 4.     Write some tips and send them to the press

The quickest and easiest way to get in contact with the press and get them to know about you and your Thing is to send them some tips.

Spend an hour getting a list of tips ready to send out every week or month to a list of journalists you know write about your Thing and write for your ideal clients. And don’t just think about magazines – think newspapers, websites, blogs and other media.

60 minutes used for organising some great content to send to journalists will definitely get you more famous!

  1. 5.     Schedule your social media

Now I am NOT suggesting you automate everything you do on Facebook or Twitter (and wherever else you hang out) but you can get organised in a hour so you don’t have gaps and always have something to say.

Follow blogs and news sites that post about your Thing and about what your ideal clients want to know and set up some shares and links in advance for the next week or more so you know you’ll be updating your business page or your Twitter stream with useful and focused content. You can point to your own blogs (recent and ‘from the archives’), recommend books, share images and photos that you know will connect you to your followers. You can do all of this in an hour and then use a scheduling tool (and Facebook now has it’s own) to post your updates over the next week or more.

Aim for shares and ask for ReTweets as this is what will increase your reach and get you more famous.

  1. 6.     Work out your Fame Name

If you spend an hour working out your Fame Name you could end up with the most powerful piece of marketing you ever need. A Fame Name is your personal headline and means you get noticed and remembered, not to mention found easily online for what you ‘do’ (the results you generate).

Working out a Fame Name that instantly tells people what you do that’s different can definitely get you famous.

So now all you need to do now is pick which of these 6 60-minute famous getting ideas you’ll do today.                   

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