Count down to Christmas

mistletoeThe festive season is upon us and whilst we’re all busy attending to Christmas fun whilst working hard, we need to ensure we keep check of our Life Health balance. Our pre-Christmas blog is brought to us by Chelsea Green – the ‘Life health designer’ so sit back and enjoy, and make your Christmas break a happy and healthy one.

A balanced Life health is not only the key to our business success; it’s also the key to surviving a busy and intense festive season too. Most importantly though, it will secure you a happier, healthier and more motivated start to 2013.

Truly balanced Life Health can be summed up as every area of your life that is healthy. Physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. All areas happy and harmonious.

In the theme of all things Christmas… below is The Life Health countdown of things you can change to really kick start your New Year….

12….things at once
MENTAL TIP – Don’t put off your 2013 planning. It’s as important now to be thinking about next year as it is your Christmas planning. Many businesses experience a dip in January, without careful planning you can avoid being one of those.

11….deep breaths
– Don’t forget to breathe. If stress levels are rising or your emotions are all over the place then take 6 deep belly breaths to restore calm.

10…jaw rubbing
– Rub that jaw; spend about 5 minutes vigorously rubbing all around your jaw for an instant energy boost and physiological change. Try it now; it really changes the way you feel.

9….Christmas energy
ENERGY TIP – Christmas itself has a special kind of energy so get yourself immersed in it and use it to your advantage. If you’re looking for creativity, head to a Christmas carol concert, if you want your energy levels lifting up then head to a pantomime. You could even give back some of your time to volunteer with a charity who needs help this time of year, which can do wonders for your energy state, morale and Christmas spirit all in one go!star (2)

8…list making
MENTAL TIP – Make a list and check it twice. Instead of writing 25 to do-lists, make 1 big one but run through it a few times to ensure you’ve captured everything, fine tune it where necessary and break things down. Whilst it will be a much longer and more detailed list, it will help you focus, much more clearly.

7…de-stress yourself
– Stress is the biggest factor to an unbalanced emotional state. What can you do to decrease your stress levels over the festive period? Pick one thing and take action that will instantly take the load off, it could be as simple as hiring a temp to clear your filing or giving yourself permission to head out for a yoga class or a run to let off steam.

– Surround yourselves with loved ones who lift you up. If you know that certain friends or family members send your energy levels soaring then spend more time with them, bounce and radiate high energy between each other and both enjoy the positive benefits.

5…Foods to avoid
– Here are the top 5 foods to avoid or switch to, over the Christmas period…

  1. Pringles – Laden with MSG (monosodium glutamate) these popular snacks tend to make an appearance in most households at Christmas, but would you continue eating them if you knew that they could lead to obesity, migraines and neurological disorders? MSG is a substance commonly used by Chinese take away outlets and is one of the key ingredients in a tube of Pringles. MSG causes you to want to carry on eating – hence the popular phrase ‘once you pop, you can’t stop’. Check the labels when buying crisps during the festive season and switch to brands which don’t contain this nasty substance.
  2. Salted peanuts – Nuts are another popular festive buy, but when purchasing nuts opt for an unsalted or roasted brand and make the switch from peanuts. Peanuts are a nut which don’t provide as many of the health benefits as other nuts so instead opt for almonds, walnuts, brazils or cashews and mix with dried cranberries to create a festive blend.
  3. Bottled mulled wine – Mulled wine is one of my favourite Christmas treats but instead of buying a pre brought bottle, which is packed full of added sugar and nasties, why not make your own instead. Opt for an organic red wine where possible and add in your favourite spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and orange zest for a mulled wine which is hard to beat. If you have a slow cooker, you could have a batch warming throughout Christmas day for your guests to tuck into whilst the flavour in party hat
  4. Cheese straws – These snacks appear ‘light’ but are hiding over a third of your saturated fat intake and won’t leave you feeling very full. Opt for pretzels or tortilla chips instead.
  5. Pre-packaged Christmas sandwiches – These sandwiches contain far too much fat, sugar and chemicals compared to most other sandwiches on the shelves at this time of year. If you are eating on the go or if you really fancy a Christmas blend filling in your sandwich then make your own before you leave the house.

4…motivational targets
MENTAL TIP – When writing your weekly targets for what you want to achieve, add in some time for festive fun and make it a target that you commit to achieving. For example this week in addition to my work target, I’ve also set myself the goal of heading out to the garden centre to pick up some new Christmas tree decorations.

3…emotional release
– Choose to release and let go unwanted emotions, say out loud ‘I release and let go of xxx’, repeat it several times and you will notice a shift in the way that you feel. Having an empowered control over our emotions can release so much unwanted negativity.

2…thrive foods
PHYSICAL TIP – Eat foods which make you thrive by adopting an alkaline rich diet – that’s avocadoes, lots of green foods, pumpkin seeds and lemon water. Whilst eating naughties over the festive season is unavoidable, adopt the 80/20 rule and eat well 80% of the time – allowing your body to manage the 20% of naughty food consumption. Taking this approach means we can still enjoy festive foods without the crash.

And…. 8 simple steps to high energy
ENERGY TIP – Download my 8 simple steps to high energy ( for an instant energy boost which can be performed on yourself any day, at anytime

Chelsea Green

If you haven’t checked it out already, then head over and take my quick and easy Life Health questionnaire ( It’s designed to highlight where you should be focusing most, in order to address the balance of your Life Health.

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Do let us know how your Christmas went and what is top of your list for a successful 2013…

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