LinkedIn Endorsements : Achieving More Mileage from LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn, without doubt, has grown to be the premiere social networking site for professionals, with over 160 million users and counting. There are a number of ways to leverage its features for ones purposes and a great number of people have achieved varying degrees of success from Linking In so to speak.

Just recently, LinkedIn has introduced a new feature where you can give endorsements at just one click. This new feature allows users an easier method to recognized connections for their skills and expertise. With just a click connections can be recognized for any of the skills they have listed on their profile. Moreover, one can also recommend skills to a connection that they have not yet listed on their profile.

Are you endorsing?
Endorsements add to your social credibility and when used right, it can help build ones online professional identity. Endorsements are featured in news feeds of the giver and the receiver. This provides an exposure that could bring favorable opportunities.

LinkedInEndorsement-1 (2)


Key Tips:

  • Profile picture: It is important to have a good profile picture to achieve more mileage from the exposure. It will certainly bring better recall if LinkedIn users have a face to identify with the name.
  • JV partner: If you want to draw the attention of a potential JV partner, you can endorse him. Upon doing so, he will receive a notification of your endorsement. Your endorsement will likewise show in their profile and consequently his connections will be able to view your picture and in turn visit your profile page.PlacidaLinkedIN Notify-1 (2)
  • Paying Forward: There is also a pervading spirit of reciprocity among LinkedIn users as far as endorsement go. Most people appreciate being recognized by others for their skill set and in return would like to return the favor too.
  • Gratitude: Another way of getting more people to endorse you is by thanking those who have endorsed you by simply putting up an update, i.e. Thanking my connections for the endorsements. This again will provide a certain degree of exposure.
  • Building Relationships: We all know that the money is not in the amount of connections you have but in the relationship you build with your connections. Appreciating those who have endorsed you with a personal message sparks interest and starts a business relationship.

So really, there are a number of ways to maximize LinkedIn’s endorsement feature. What is interesting to note is that this is just but one of the platform’s features. One can definitely build his own network in LinkedIn with careful and strategic maneuvering among connections.

The content for this blog is kindly supplied by Placida Acheru. Placida is a business mentor, coach and social media speaker.

linkedinEndor (2)


Pictures used in this blog post have been taken from Placida’s LinkedIn profile and news feed and Placida would be happy to connect with anyone who would like to get in touch on Linked In.

Happy 2013 and good wishes for good business!


Twitter: @Wiredwessex

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