Tip top tips for looking and sound like the business…

So you’re going to shoot a video for your business, and you wonder now where to start to make it a memorable viewing experience – but more important still, to really get your message across. How do you do it?

video 1

Getting your message across successfully starts with two basic premises:

  • You know what your message is.
  • You know who your target audience is.

Sounds rather simplistic, doesn’t it, and yet when you sit down and consider it, of course it is the very basics of all marketing. Just think how one small change can influence the effect. Remember Lucy Whittington’s anecdote of the lady creating the wonderful leather totes and accessories, who didn’t chose her ‘fame name’ so it chose her and she became known as ‘the bag lady’…

The Message: needs to be precise, targeted, not too long, and with a call to action to complete its task. Think through what you ultimately want to achieve from it as sometimes to sell more of what you have to offer actually works with a more oblique invitation than ‘buy my widgets…’ Placing you and your business as approachable, easily accessible, skilled, knowledgeable and providing an excellent service without a hard sell may often be more productive… Know your intended end result before you determine your message.

The Mode and Means: Having determined your message and your audience, choosing the best mode and means of delivery is the next essential tool to ensure success. Maybe the boss would like to be centre screen, but do they sound convincing or stilted? Would the sales person sound more credible instead? After all it is their role to sell. Do you want to present a young and forward–looking image, which perhaps a middle aged representative of the business, whilst being amazingly knowledgeable and creative, won’t achieve whereas a younger member of staff, relaxed and convincing on screen might? Or perhaps the older executive is best ‘interviewed off-screen’.

Marketing: How ironic – you’ve made a video to promote yourself and now you need to promote the video – did you think about that when the idea of making the video first occurred to you? What is your plan to achieve the views of your video that will drive traffic to the heart of your message – your website, your service, your product; your business. And now we’re onto another set of skills altogether…

Steve FeeneyBy necessity, this article only skates over the surface of what constitutes good video. Come along to our networking evening on Thursday 31st March to get the real insider knowledge from a master. Steve Feeney will be taking you through all this and more then.

The message here?

Better come along to find out!

Wired Wessex January 2013: Promoting business with video


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