All Great Ideas Need a System…

All Great Ideas Need a System!

We all have ideas, right?

Some of us have LOADS of them!bright idea

You may see yourself as a great Ideas Person. Ideas just pop out of your mind all the time and it’s hard to keep track of them all. But how many of your ideas actually leave your mind and making it to reality in the world?

Many of our ideas float around like untethered kites and never crystallize into anything tangible. The latest idea just becomes another distraction as you keep generating more and more of them. They stack up in a holding pattern waiting to come in to land. This stack of ideas can become exhausting and overwhelming because you don’t know where to start or what to do with them all.

I often coach creative clients who have loads of ideas. Every coaching session, they arrive with another one or even multiple ideas (yes… I’m guilty of this sometimes too!). And of course, this latest idea is the best one yet! …Until the next idea comes along a few days later! Months can be wasted dreaming and talking but nothing ever gets done. There’s no momentum or completion, there’s just the next idea coming along…

IDEA                     IDEA                     IDEA                     IDEA                     ANOTHER IDEA!

If this sounds like you, then you need a formula to create some momentum…

Without a having a system it’s difficult to take an idea and make it happen (even the good ones).

If you’re creating a workshop or webinar, it’s very easy to get lost in a pile of content. Here’s the thing… If you’re confused, your delegates will be too and they’ll soon switch off and stop learning or listening.

I’ve learned that there are three elements to taking an idea an making it real:

idea to action

Your idea needs to become grounded if you want to give it a chance of becoming reality.   Creating a system or process helps you to ground your idea and plan HOW to create some momentum. You then need to take specific action to make it real.


I’ve sat in the annual daylong leadership strategy meetings where loads of ideas are floating around and everyone is excited. There’s much enthusiasm and optimism. A year later the same ideas are still being talked about, because nothing happened in between.

The challenge for some of us is that we see the IDEA as the sexy exciting bit because it’s fun being creative. There’s nothing quite like that adrenalin rush when you think you’re on to something exciting and great!

Get clear about your idea understand WHY you want to make it real.

Sometimes we stop at the idea stage because we’re frightened to take the next step and make it happen. If you don’t start then it can’t fail, because you didn’t have to try. Your idea needs your energy and belief if it’s going to germinate into reality. You have to take a few risks and step out of your comfort zone and do some things scared.


For an Ideas Person, the SYSTEM bit is the painful process of planning and working out how it’s going to happen.

For some of us the planning it out, thinking it through and then creating a stepped process to make it work is the tedious bit. It involves sitting down and getting on with it a step at a time. Creating the idea was much more fun! But THIS STAGE is difference between your idea staying just a dream or becoming real…

Creating a system or process for implementing your idea will save you a lot of time and energy. You can get an expert to support you, someone who can help you create a framework for your journey.

If you’re always having loads of ideas then create an Ideas Book. Write each one down in a paragraph as you think it. Re-visit your book every one-two weeks to re-read each idea and cross out any that no longer feel like they have legs.

Schedule time to sit with your idea and break it down into smaller steps. The idea is the strategy, the system is the tactical plan: What tactics you will employ to make it happen? What’s specifically involved in making this become real? What individual steps need to be taken? Who else needs to be involved? When to you need to do it? Where will it happen?

Creating and then working through a process gives you clarity and direction. It helps you to feel more confident and in control.


This is where the rubber has to hit the road. You have to show up and do the work! Just talking about it doesn’t work! Do it!

Schedule small pockets of time in your calendar and do one step at a time, then the next step. You may be delegating or outsourcing elements of the work to others. This requires you to take ownership and responsibility for leading them to get the job done. Remember there is a difference between delegation and abdication!

Taking conscious, deliberate action little and often, will help you to create some momentum towards your ultimate outcome. Momentum encourages to keep taking action and you’ll start to feel a sense of completion.

Review your progress regularly, so you can tweak and modify your plan if necessary.

If you want to create a workshop or webinar, always create a system for it and plan ahead for its arrival!

Success needs a system – Every time!

Our blog post today is from Elaine Bailey who is running the workshop on Webinars on Wednesday 13th February. The booking link is here:

So do come along and help yourself to a whole lot more of Elaine’s excellent advise and information  then – and to tell you a bit more about Elaine, here’s what she says about herself:

Elaine Bailey is the founder and CEO of Elaine Bailey International Ltd a learning Elaine picorganization committed to growth and empowerment of inspired entrepreneurs and busy corporate leaders.

She mentors and trains busy people to move away from the chaos and overwhelm of settling and surviving by offering them a whole new approach to self-leadership, productivity, business and lifestyle.

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