5 tips for looking better in your profile pictures

Watch this and weep:


We all often say ‘Oh no, I look terrible in that photo!’ So how do you avoid the horrible picture?

pic 1First:

  • What are you wearing? – you need to look the part – for guys it’s usually a choice of a classic suit jacket (and tie?) or a modern jacket or workwear – for women in business, remember that close up means that the neck line is important. Low necklines may make you look naked when enlarged!
  • expression – relaxed and self assured, yet alert and friendly. Leaning forward slightly creates a feeling of confidence.pic 2
  • background – Yes, it’s important – conveying as much as those extraneous background noises you hear on the phone. A plain background is safe, but misses the opportunity of putting you in the context of your business.
  • lighting – because your profile picture is small (even smaller if viewed by phone) it pic 3wants to be carefully lit. Avoid overhead lighting which casts shadows into the eyes, or flash which creates harsh shadows without giving any form to your face.
  • the right spec. – It’s square! So remember that if you upload a rectangular photo, it will be cropped. The best quality is achieved by uploading a jpg file, in srgb colour,at 72 dpi, 4000 x 4000 pixels.pic 4

So  much better in the end …

Thanks to Belinda Harvey for some invaluable tips on how not to watch a weep. Harvey nstudios

Together with Cathy Foster, Belinda is introducing our February networking event on Thursday 28th February on presenting yourself positively:

Looking good – feeling good – presenting your Positive Image


We’ll look forward to seeing you there, and in the meantime, have a look at what else is on with Wired Wessex at:


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